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Services & Pricing

At Preventive Primary Care ~ Select, current patients have access to comprehensive primary care and preventive medicine services, with a low, cash pay at the time of service.

There are no co-pays, deductibles, or co-insurance costs, and your insurance company will not be billed. However, this service is not an insurance product, and it does not replace your health insurance policy.

Note:  PPC~S is not accepting patients.

For information on one-time or annual Preventive Cardiology consultation, click here.


The Practice is limited to providing the following primary care services for current patients:

  • Complete Physical Exams

  • Office visits as needed

  • PAP smear (pathology charge is separate)

  • Prostate exam

  • Therapeutic injections, including but not limited to trigger points, medications, vitamins, botox, etc. (some medications must be provided by patient prior to injection, via pharmacy, etc.)

  • Cryotherapy (the freezing of lesions)

  • Skin tag removal

  • Sterile excisional biopsy of concerning skin lesions (pathology charge is separate)

  • Uncomplicated wound closure

  • Corn, callus, and wart removal/treatment

  • EKG, annually and as needed

  • Dietary counseling and life/health coaching, including plant-based

  • 24/7 phone access to me for urgent/emergent matters


Preventive Primary Care ~ Select

is no longer accepting patients.

If you have questions about a

Preventive Cardiology

(cholesterol/lipids, blood pressure, diabetes, etc.)

consultation, please email or call the office


to discuss options and schedule.


The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services issued a certification to this practice. You can contact consumer advocates at the Department of Consumer and Business Services at (888) 977-4894, by emailing, or visiting

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