Summer Sun

Summer is wonderful: more sun, gardening, outdoor activities and fun.

Don't forget the sunscreen!! Use an SPF of 30 or higher if possible. Make sure your sunscreen is 'fresh' - buy a new bottle every year. MOST IMPORTANTLY: when you are out in the sun it is vital that you apply sunscreen well and often! Especially if you are sweating or in/out of water.

If you are unable to wear sunscreen make sure your skin is covered with SPF-rated fabric and wear a wide brimmed hat (baseball caps don't protect well).

Finally, protect your eyes! UVA/UVB-rated sunglasses are affordable, but you need to have them on. If you have corrected vision, you can get corrected sunglasses, use "clip-on" sun covers for your frames OR purchase a sun-blocking item that goes over your regular glasses (they're not attractive, but they're better than being blind from sun damage).

Check your sun exposed skin regularly and report any suspicious new 'spots' so they can be examined and biopsied or removed. Skin cancer is all about prevention - and early detection.

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